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catch me in ur bathroom drinkin out the faucet cuz I’m too embarassed to ask ur mom where the cups are

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Last photo of Robin Williams
"Nothing kills you like your mind"(via bl-ossomed)

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Anonymous: hey becca! hi im glad you exsist. have a good day!

hello sweetie. thank you. I’m glad you exist as well.❤️

- Becca

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"I must have flowers, always, and always."Claude Monet (via unmaiden)

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  • straight couple: We're engaged!
  • family: How did you propose? Can I see the ring? Have you set a date? Where are you registered? Do you have a venue in mind? Have you chosen your wedding party? What kind of dress are you thinking of? What are your colors? Where are you planning to honeymoon?
  • queer couple: We're engaged!
  • family: So... what does this mean?
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